lots of shirts! - Cashmerette Concord edition
4 April 2018

Here are several versions of Cashmerette’s Concord t-shirt, which I like overall as a pattern. Link here.

Version 1

I love this fabric – it is amazingly colourful, and it was $5/m in the random specials bin at Lincraft.

I did the curved and faced hem option in this one, which I liked, but I also had some trouble with the pattern pieces not matching up. Not sure if just me.

It’s really obvious in some of the photos how wide the neckline is on me, which is what makes this version not fantastic to wear, because bra straps are quite visible.

Version 2

Another Liberty jersey from the Fabric Store. I don’t like the colour, but I really like the little animals in the print (the other colour option was red, and I preferred the yellow. I think neither option really work on me, tbh).

Some amendments made (e.g. to the neckline) but there are still a lot of fit problems, particularly around the armscye.

For some reason the high-low curved hem ended up at even heights – not sure how that happened. This style of hem didn’t work massively well with the fabric, as it was a bit too light to hang properly.

Version 3

This is a random knit from the Remnant Warehouse which I bought as a pre-cut piece, and which was scratchier and more polyester-y than I’d thought. It’s fine to wear, but it retains sweat smell after washing more than I’d like.

This version was a start from scratch version and it’s a much better fit. I was really happy with the neck and shoulders. The bust is still not right though, sigh. This time I finished it with a cuff hem, which worked quite well on this fabric, as it’s quite stable.

This was the first one I made using my overlocker. (I love my overlocker :D :D :D)

This was also the first version in which I topstitched down the sleeve cuffs as well as the neck band, and this has mostly worked really well to stop the sleeve cuffs from flipping out.

Version 4

This is some sort of rayon blend from the Fabric Store, and it is amazingly soft, drapey and comfortable. It was an absolute beast to sew though, because it’s not very stable and stretches like anything when you try to sew it. I had to change the differential feed on my overlocker to one extreme (can’t remember which way at the moment) in order to get the seams to work. When I topstitched the sleeve cuffs, it stretched them out and made them very large :(

This is fundamentally the same as Version 3, except I made some fit adjustments to the underarm, but the fabric was so different that everything turned out differently.

It would have been better to do a rolled hem on this, I think. The fabric isn’t stable enough to do a cuff hem.

Not a fantastic fit/look, but soooooooo comfortable to wear.

Version 5

This is one of a number of 95% cotton/5% spandex blends that I got on sale from Spotlight. This one seems quite good so far, although the base fabric is white and this shows through a fair bit when you stretch the fabric.

This is pretty much the same as Version 5, in order to see whether those fit adjustments worked (they didn’t). I did however make the sleeves longer and bigger, and I really like this change. This time (because I was under some time pressure) I just folded up an inch at the hem and stitched it down with the baseball stitch, which I find works really well on knits.


All these photos have given me a much clearer idea of what’s wrong: it’s too wide under the arms, and then not wide enough at the bust – I think because my bust is lower than the pattern thinks it should be. There’s also some sort of sway back thing going on, which could also be because the garment is not wide enough at the high hip.