and welcome to my blog!

I run a weekly online crafts evening on Zoom!

You can find details here

Things I enjoy (and occasionally post about) include:

My current sewing machines are:

  • Pfaff 1475CD (the best of 1980s fanciness)
  • Pfaff 1222 (chonky metal beast)
  • Janome 634D (solid workaday overlocker)
  • Singer 66 (gorgeous treadle machine with thistle decals)
  • Janome CoverPro 2000CPX (mostly functional; could be way worse)

Other nerd things

I also like other nerd things like computering and learning about coding and how to spend 2 hours automating a task that would have taken 30 min to do manually. For example, I wrote (am writing?) this blog in Hugo and you can see the bodgy source code at my github page.

Influences on this code have included:

  • etc
  • etc